Tip of the Week

Roll with the punches! Life is gonna smack you right in the face when you don't expect it. If you're head's on straight, you're certainly gonna handle it just fine. Roll with it. Complain a little bit, and let it go.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey Everyone!

I've been busy, obviously.

In two weeks from today---TA DA--November 9th--I'll be back on the blog, full force. I have some changes in mind, some evolutions, per say. You will, of course, still get your daily blips of health and exercise. Howeeeeever, some of these daily features are evolving. Stay tuned!


Friday, October 2, 2009

The Friday Find

I am all about the Handstand lately. I think my inner child is kicking in, and I like that. I want to be able to flip my body any which way I desire to, and know that I can actually do it. So, here's to handstands, and my ability to get them down, nice and solid.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know

Today's Thursday Thin Girl is a Miss Genevieve Sullivan from Wylie, Texas! Genevieve is a hot mama, in the sense that she is not actually a mom. A childhood friend of mine, I am constantly praying that she'll just stop going to school, and start modeling as a way for me to live vicariously through her. She is beautiful, hilarious, good-natured, giving, and born with naturally good genes. Read through to discover how this sweet girl lives her life!

As a perpetual slacker myself, my advice is is to set easy goals. Yes, of course you can have one big huge mondo goal for the end-- but set easy weekly goals that will keep your spirits up (and make that big huge mondo goal not seem too overwhelming.)

Let's set easier goals so you don't have to focus on them, and sing that Miley Cirus song ("The Climb") to try to keep you motivated (everyone might will hate you.)
I feel pretty durn good about my body. YES there are pieces of me I don't like, but I have learned to try to balance them with other things I do. For instance, some days my belly flab really bothers me and I just remind myself how nice and shapely my knockers are. Or sometimes I will wish I didn't have chicken legs, but hey! At least they are nice and long! Focusing on the positive is very important.
The one habit I swear by is finding clothes that fit correctly. I see so many girls walking around with clothes that just do not do them any good. Previously, I mentioned how you have to focus on the positive things about your body. Once you've found those positive things you have to learn to play them up! If you have a small waist but a bodacious booty, find some empire line dresses that will accentuate your waist and flow right over the curves down under. The right outfit can make you feel loads lighter.

If you think skinny, you will feel skinny. Go put on a pretty dress that makes you feel thin and think thin all day. If I'm thinking about being thin and about how utterly smokin' hot I look, I'm not likely to shove a double bacon double mayo cheeseburger down my trap. Truth.