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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Friday Find

A few weeks ago, I ran into this engagement photo session featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs Green Wedding Shoes.
Surprisingly, this shoot comes together in a way that inspires me to stick to eating healthy and working out. I mean, look at that woman! She is absolutely stunning. She looks silently confident with how she is as a person, completely comfortable in her own body. I'll bet that this woman doesn't feel compelled to eat everything on her plate at a restaurant. I'll be that this woman likes the way an easy jog feels in the morning.

And look at the wedding photos. Such class, such style, such beautiful promise of a fantastic wedding and a wonderful love-life. Who doesn't want that?
A wedding reality show I watched lately featured a bride who was dizzy from not eating. She wanted to be skinny for her wedding. I made a sassy comment: "Well, she knew she was going to get married someday. Why didn't she start this diet years ago when she could do it healthy?" Chances are that Bride is learning very little about how to take care of her body and establish heathy habits. Thin women have thin habits. Just check out the Thursday posts. Sure, I want to be a Skinny Bride too one day, but I want that status to be long established before it becomes a do-or-die-two-weeks-before-my-wedding-point.

Photography by Simply Bloom.

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marcey said...

Love these pictures!!!