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Monday, April 5, 2010

Momentary Mondays: Opening

I was reading through my Anne Bogart notes last night, accidentally. The "accident" part of finding the notes ended up being compelling enough that I really hit on some good stuff. For example, Anne says that the best actor training is to pick six really difficult things to do a day. When those six things get too easy, pick six more. Be brave enough to find the challenge.
Later on in the notes, I came across another quote: "When we become satisfied, we begin to die very quickly." Hmm. That may not be the exact quote, but it's along the same lines of find new ways to challenge yourself.
I've been dealing with my fear a lot lately. Not in ways that show my Warrior self bucking up against my Cowering self, but more in ways that show my Serene self looking at the large and vast contradictions I as Myself cannot help but have and create. Those contradictions, and the space between them, is terrifying. But I face it in order to grow.
Today I left the house with a few goals in mind. For today, attend all of my classes, go to yoga, run 4 miles, prepare properly for rehearsal, and have at least four lines of dialogue with another person I will never see again.
The last was the hardest, because I have never really actively attempted it. I opened up to the possibilities, and met Leroy, a construction worker for 17 years in Cincinnati. We talked about yoga. :) So today, do the same. Face a small fear, and conquer it. It's really not so bad. :)

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