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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Soapbox Sunday: A String of Somewhat Related Questions, Answered

Hey, Blogoworld! Wow, I've been offline for a couple of days now. I'm telling you what, the first week of classes can certainly do that. Well, here I am, and I'm very happy to be here. Here's a few of your questions, answered. And by "your questions," I really mean, "putting the things I want to say in a fun format for me."
Allyson! Where have you been for the past few days?
Well, Blogoworld, I've been settling into my new life. New classes, new home, new schedule, new relationship status, new braces configuration, new(ish) rehearsals...It's all very time-consuming, and painful (especially in the case of the braces.) I am so sorry for leaving you 26 loyal followers in the dust. :( My computer is also as old as time itself, so blogging is somewhat of a time-consuming task. I am sorry!
That's okay, Allyson. We know things happen. So let's go back to the basics of this blog...why are you the Smelly Girl?
Oh, Blogoworld, how that title haunts me. It harkens back to my freshman year, the year I became aware of nutrition, exercise, and the precarious balance of all of them. I hath not know that girl scout trefoil cookies were so addicting, and I hath not been tested on the perils of thus. I began working out to combat the food. And I was always smelly because I was always coming from the gym
What has your weight loss been like?
Well, it wasn't so great for awhile. It's taken me months to really begin understanding what works for me, but currently, I've been nailing it down solid! I've lost a total of eleven pounds since the beginning of my weight loss journey, and I'm still going strong. I'm thirteen pounds away from my goal weight of 130, and I've got 13 post-it notes just chillin' out on my wall, waiting to be pulled down.
What do you think about the Cheesecake Factory, Allyson?
Gosh, it's a good thing you asked, Blogoworld, because I was just thinking about this. Man...the Cheesecake Factory kind of sucks. I mean, even if you buy the Fresh Fish Tacos (without the creamy avocado sauce), and only eat kind of one of them, and then the guacamole and tomato things, and a little bit of an incredibly over-priced drink, you still feel like you've ingested a month's worth of crap calories. (Crap calorie = anything that does not truly contribute to overall health and fitness). I mean, sure, the Cheesecake Factory is open late, is commercial (so it's easy to sit in), has lots of variety, and seems like a good idea....but it's not. Friends, let's not go there again soon.
Well, Gosh, Allyson! You sound like you're doing pretty well right now!
I sure am, Blogoworld, I sure am. I'm excited for weight loss (even as I treat myself to Easter candy), excited for my life, excited to be living. Cool.


Sky Monkey said...

Easter candy is possibly the best...possibly. I mean there's Cadberry eggs, Peeps, and so many different kinds and flavors of chocolate bunnies that it makes my eyes cross.
Though just thinking about it makes me feel like I should loosen my belt a couple notches and perhaps go on an extra run, just in case the thought of such scrumptious food adds calories.

Allyson said...

No kidding. It's all so beautiful and spring-ish that I can hardly resist. As much as I hate to admit to such poor choices for an overall health status, I definitely ate a giant choco bunny for dinner. Ohhh...it was so good.