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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Friday Find 11.20.2009

This is an outfit I LOVE from a wonderful website at ModCloth.com.

Why do I love this website oh so much? Personality. Yes, it's full of adorable clothes, amazing outerwear, and too many weird pictures of a pug dog. And, yes, it is all enjoyable. Personality. Creative pairings. Quirky ideas, played out in fashion. It's worth it. You'll be surprised to find what you love.

I have, for weeks, been agonizing over my new one-true love: The Trailblazer Boots. Am I from Texas? Yes. Do I love to trailblaze? Absolutely. Boots, you belong to my heart.

So why do I not have them? Because they are only mine with an exchange of much dinero. Not yet, Life, not yet. You shall wait. But they are amazing, no?

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