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Monday, January 25, 2010

Momentary Monday: January 25, 2010

This is Kristen. She likes to eat people in her sleep.
Wait a minute! Doesn't she look like Stephanie from previous weeks? Well, gosh golly gee, she sure does!

No, dear Blogoworld, you're not hallucinating from all your well-timed crunches, sit-ups, and Charlie's Angels--they ARE two different people. They're twins!

Kristen was nice enough to lay down in our upstairs hallway with bad lighting and do some push-ups for me. Know why she was nice enough to do it? Because she just can. These things come easy to girls who participate in a Texas high school athletics program. Yes, I am impressed.
So here we go! Time for a push-up!

Make sure the spacing of your hands is supportive enough for your body (especially if you're doing beginning push-ups.) As time goes by, you can increase or decrease the distance of your hands from each other and make the push-up more or less difficult (depending on your muscle strength.) But for now, make sure your hands rest just outside of your shoulders.
Also--look at this photo! Kristen held herself there for many, many moments, until I finally stopped being amazed and just took the photo.

I was even more impressed when I looked at her feet and realized she was supporting herself UP on her toes. Way to go, Kristen! Difficult is the new push-up.

As for the rest, just lift your body weight up and down until your face starts to look like this.

Or this. Her facial muscles are working for a reason. It's hard. But with practice, you can only get better!

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