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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Watson Wednesday: Wardrobe, Appetite, and the Insatiable Sugar-Craving

No, no, no. Another shirt drops over the back of my bed, joining the jeans, skirts, and dozens of other shirts already resting there. I pull a new sweater off the hanger and slip it over my head. Sizing myself up in the mirror, I turn this way and that, purse my lips, and finally decide it makes my head look to big. Off it comes, joining it's fallen comrades on my duvet cover.

Ever experience this? The frustration of a fashion emergency, trying to put an outfit together when nothing feels right, and you needed to be at dinner five minutes ago? These are the times that I would rather drive a nail through my foot than try on another top.

But there's more to this story ladies. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. These clothing emergencies don't occur every once in awhile, the truth is...it's a chronic condition. I'm one of millions in this country who are "fashionably challenged." Though I have not been professionally diagnosed, an analysis of Facebook photos and an hour on the Style network have confirmed my worst fears. When I examine my "fashion history", I find an endless array of various fashion offenses and missteps. In elementary school it was the same two pairs of overalls alternating endlessly day after day. In middle school I made a trendy transition into soccer shorts, long tee shirts, and the always fashionable Limited Too short-suit. In 9th grade I discovered the hair straightener and effectively fried my hair within an inch of its ever loving life. During that same year I also had the good fortune of discovering "booty shorts", which lead to a whole host of booty flashing debacles. As I progressed through high school I fumbled my way out of the hooker shorts and into every other piece of clothing that I owned. Literally. The "layering phase," where my one goal in life was to wear the entirety of my wardrobe each and every day. Suffice it to say I also neglected basic hygiene during, the wishes of my parents, and the general confusion of many of my peers.

Today I've managed to wrestle myself back from the edge and reclaim a more flattering and sanitary personal style. Most days I sport leggings, an off the shoulder tee or long sleeve shirt, and some ballet flats. Simple and cute, if I do say so myself. But what about those days when you have to make an impression and nothing seems to feel right? How does the average lady find the fashions that will flatter her figure?

Now on to the appetite emphasis this week. Food, food, food. *sigh* I just started college, again. Enough said? Pizza, coffee, trying to cram in meals at odd hours and wondering how I'm going to get it all under control. Erratic eating habits make me feel like a crusty booger and I'm way too busy to bum around all day comparing my general mood to something that you pick out of your nose. Christmas, New Years, and starting school have put me way behind my curve as far as healthy habits and the necessary balance of nutrition and exercise. It's just the hard truth, you can't expect to make real strides in your overall fitness unless you are balancing your exercise with healthy and moderate eating.

My greatest downfall? Sugar. I'm a sucker for the stuff and if it didn't induce the crusty booger sensation, I would gobble it down breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pasta, bread, and dairy make up the next few items on the list, all of which tantalize my taste buds and leave me feeling slightly plumper than I began. None of these foods are bad in moderation, but when they form the entirety of your diet, no amount of interval training will make a dent in what they leave behind. So what's a girl to do? More importantly, what's a healthy girl to eat? Well, in an effort to start the New Year with some sort of dramatic flair, I have decided to eliminate candy, pizza, and baked goods from my diet. WHOA!! I almost regret saying that in a public forum. Almost. But as I sit here now, devouring a handful of Thin Mints, I swear to you that I'm going to try this fruit, vegetable, moderation thing that Oprah is always hassling us about.

Well Oprah, as I spiral in and out of sugar withdrawal over these next few weeks I will have only the solace of mandatory shopping and my dear reader to keep me along the straight and narrow path. But, as Abraham Lincoln so wisely stated "This too shall pass." Yes indeed Abe, yes indeed. But I doubt he ever tried to kick sugar...

Your Wicked (and somewhat wired) Work Out Partner,


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