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Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Moments: January 4, 2010

To do Today:
Learn to freaking read a nutritional label

Yes, I do this, and yes, it took me two years of getting through it to figure it out. But did I have a handy resource to direct me on how to understand that I can actually know exactly what is going into my body every time I put something into it? I did not. But you, dear Blogoworld, you certainly sure do.
Real-life story: Upon grocery shopping with the ever brilliant Mikayla Stanley, she was given the timely opportunity to educate a third party friend of ours on the benefits of reading labels. This lovely third party friend of ours is 21 years old, and very very fit and beautiful. Did she understand that the unpronounceable words on the back of her candy yogurt were going to wreak havoc on her body in ways she did not even understand? She did not. But now she does. Way to be, Mikayla. Way to be. And third-party friend? Way to learn!

So use me. Follow these links, wake up or catch up to Health 2010, and decide that today is THE day to educate yourself. GO.

The FDA want to teach you!

Your FamilyDoctor wants to gently take your hand and lead you into a knowledgeable world of wonders.

Even WikiHow has it's steps for achieving nutritional know-how. Ooh, alliteration.

WebMD has a mouthful of details and delights for those of you already all-knowing.

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