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Monday, January 18, 2010

Momentary Mondays: January 18, 2010

This is Stephanie. Again.
Remember last week when she reminded us that sit-ups and crunches exist? Well, hopefully you've been inspired to do them for an entire week. Way to be! Well, this week, Stephanie is going to teach us how to be better and go harder. Way to be, Stephanie!

Whoa! Did Stephanie do a variation of a sit-up? She sure did! What is that she's doing? Well, if you'll look closely, you can see the wild beast has lifted her feet off the floor. Her weight is now being distributed and working on her balancing abilities.

The Wild Beast now has her hands on the other side of her body! Wow! It's true, dear Blogoworld, Stephanie is doing what she refers to as "Charlie's Angels." In effect, with her feet lifted off of the ground, she's twisting her abdomen and moving her "Charlie's Angel" Finger Gun from hip to hip. It makes it more difficult.
And makes you more improved. Let's do it!

Oh--and if you have a twin sister, don't forget to have her keep you entertained while you work out for your older sister's photoshoot. It just makes it all worth it. :)

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