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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know: Mechelle Collins, January 21, 2010

Today's Thin Girl is the patient, witty, and ever-giving Mechelle Collins, a Kindergarten teacher currently in Farmersville, Texas. Mechelle dates my brother, hoo ha ha. Not only is she sassy with her comments at all times (even to the most vulgar of relatives), but she does it effortlessy and somehow always remains a lady. Way to be, Mechelle, way to be.
As a thin girl, what advice would you give to anyone losing weight?
Do not diet! I do not even like to use the term diet. You can achieve better results by actually eating six small meals a day {the term "diet" stresses withholding food}. Most diets that I have personally used are not realistic, or healthy. You are not getting all the nutrients your body needs. By eating six (healthy) small meals a day, you are not only getting all the nutrition you need, you are also keeping your metabolism going.
Also another extremely important factor in losing weight would be exercise. And by exercise, I do not mean running six miles a day. Walking for thirty minutes a day is just as effective at stimulating your body, and is actually eaiser on your joints.
How do you feel about your body?
I honeslty cannot think of a person, man or woman, who is happy with the way they look. There is always going to be something that could be improved. My biggest issue that I struggle with is I want to be more toned. In my mind, I always think that I could look better in an outfit, not if I were thinner, but if I had more muscle tone.
What is the one habit you swear by?
I believe in MODERATION and PROPORTIONS! The most important thing that my mother taught me about eating is to start with a small serving on your plate, and then if you are still hungry, you can go back and get more. Also, she always stressed moderation. You can eat a bowl of ice cream, just not everyday.

What are you fascinated by?
We live in a society that places such an emphasis on bigger and better, especially in Texas. That belief even goes into our food consumption. I am fascinated by all you can eat buffets. People go into restaurants and eat as much as they can, borderline gorging themselves. You do not need to eat that much! Who cares that you can get as much food as you could ever want for seven dollars-- you do not need that much food.

The most valuable advice that I have ever heard is that the size of your clothes is not important...it is how you look and feel in them. I heard this on the tv show "What Not to Wear."
This is incredibly true! It is not important to squeeze yourself into a smaller size, but get the size that fits your body. You can accentuate curves that you never knew you had with the fitting of clothes. And when you know you look good in something, your confidence boosts and you are able to be yourself...and being confident in yourself is the most beautiful thing.

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