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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soapbox Sunday: Tuning in to a Diet

I had forgotten how hard it was to be on a diet.
I weighed myself last Tuesday, clocking in at 151 lbs.

Believe it or not, it's taken me months and months of working on this blog and reading constant fitness info to come to terms with the fact that I do need to diet if I want to lose weight. Diet = hard core paying attention to what I put into my body, NOT depriving myself. I watch my portions, I watch my breads, as in--none.

So now that I've found my focus, sharp and intense, once again on my what I want in my life, I'm over sitting around and wasting my own time. So. OH. MY. GOD.

Day 1-3, I was great. I edged in slowly, eating the rest of my breads slowly so that I didn't waste my groceries. And by Day 2, I stopped filling so bloated. The Ex-Hot Girl recently emailed about how every 1 gram of carb holds 4 grams of water, and frankly, by cutting out all those breads I love, I could fill myself slimming down.
But, Jesus Louiseus.
Day 4 was rough. I hit my first "test o' the carbs!" A client I baby-sat for had a box of pizza waiting for me and his son when I arrived, and I slipped ever so slightly and had a slice. One slice, pfff, big deal, right? But I know me, and I know that it starts with these ever so small things. Good habits turn into sorta-good habits turn into okay habits turn into occasional habits turn into no habits. Yikes!
Day 5 was completely blown when my schedule of the day was completely thrown out of plan--I was suddenly having a party! And so, I futzed my "diet" and had a handful of m&ms and a cherry bite-sized pastry. And wine. Lots and lots of wine. So, sure, that maybe wouldn't be so terrible, except that I also didn't slow down my calorie intake for the entire day. Sure, I ate healthy and fine--a bowl of cereal in the morning, fat-free milk, an orange, a banana, a few grapes, and a mixture of veggies and beans--but I know I'm past the limit my body needs.
And there we have it folks, the biggest frame of mind I'm learning to recognize and control. The "I know I don't need it, and, actually, I don't really want it."

So blow-out party day was GREAT, and I wouldn't trade it. But it has certainly taken me that one time to realize that I only need one glass of wine. Not only that, but the day after wasn't so great, body-wise. I wasn't feeling sick or hung-over, but my body felt bloated, huge, and I thanked the sweet Lord Jesus that I had three days to set my body back on track without all these carbohydrates in it before I do a weekly weigh-in. I've stuck twenty small post-it notes on my mirror, and I'm working on one post-it note a week. :) This is a great way for me to actually SEE what it is I'm achieving, and when I can pysically SEE it, I can physically ACHIEVE it. What kind of weird things work for you?

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