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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Momentary Monday: Love Thineself

Today, like every day here at http://www.asmellygirl.com/, is an especial day for self-love and appreciation. If you felt like serenading, serendade yourself. Poetry is especially welcome, and all forms of flattery appreciated.

Here's your task for today.

Make a list of all the reasons why you are especially scintillating. Do not stop until you run out of things. Once you do run out of things you are good at/like about yourself/just kinda think are interesting, pause....get some lemonade, then come back and write down all the things you thought of while you were having some lemonade.

If you'd like to be entered to win this cute pair of earrings, publicly follow my site using the "Follow" tool on the right side of the page, and list your top five reasons for being as fantastic as you are. The most interesting, determined by my roommate, will win the ear gear!

Have a happy Monday, blogoworld.


1 comment:

genevieve1 said...

I definitely thought I already followed your blog... but apparently not.

here goes
1)I'm tall. Although I complain about it sometimes, I love it.
2)I have never run a mile.
3)I'm very good at being thrifty.
4)I can pop my hip and shoulder out of socket.
5)I'm famous on and internet site for out-eating a big group of boys.

Those earrings are so cute!