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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Soapbox Sunday: Hawaii is RIGHT

Ahhh...many, many months ago, I had a strong desire and passion to once again visit my dearest, most beloved Hawaii.

And, damn it, Blogoworld, if I am not going to do just that. :D

Two days ago, I was diligently checking the flight prices of a flight from DFW to HNL (that's Honolulu.....as in....Honolulu, HAWAII.) And the price was remarkably LOW! Can you believe it?! 680 dollars for a flight. to. Hawaii.?! I just about passed out. That flight is 200 dollars cheaper than I've seen it anywhere else!

Of course I bought it immediately.

Are my plans for Hawaii finalized? Of course not. I'm interning with a potential of four theatre companies while I'm there. I have no idea where I'm staying (so if you know anyone who wouldn't mind hosting a lovely little lady for a few days, I'd be honored to hear from you, and ever so grateful), and I certainly don't know how comfortable I'm going to feel hanging out with the Forgotten Love of My Life and his misplaced interest in his fake family. But. All of that does not matter, of course! :D

I am going!


Tanvi said...

Oh Wow! Have fun!

Allyson said...

Thank you! I cannot wait to really get there. I do have a few months ahead of me, but man oh man, it feels great to do things that you really want to do.

I haven't talked to you in so long! How is everything going? :)