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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Success Story: What a Great Feeling to Achieve a Life

Hey Blogoworld!

I ended up in Lubbock, Texas today, just in time to have a Mom/Allyson day. Mom came to Lubbock to help my older and massive brother Tim get his life in order. The day consisted of a fantastic number of errands, including a visit to the marine and navy recruitment center. What a place. I love walking into those institutions. Military men just look so clean. Hmmm...turn on? Perhaps too much.

Anyway, the day concluded with us pouring ourselves into a booth at On the Border. Apparently, mothering her 23 year old son is proving just as challenging to my mom as keeping up a competent facade is to me. Needless to say, we both enjoyed our margaritas as they deserve to be enjoyed.

So when I decided to leave Portales, New Mexico (which I did immediately following an expected heart-to-heart with the Forgotten Love of My Life), I had three options. I could

A) speak with my friend, Miss Leah Watson, and spend an extended time with her in Denver.
B) Fly on back home and have some more family time with the twins and Chet. Oh such delightful creatures! I do miss them so.
or C) Well....why the hell not? The Grand Canyon's only ten hours away.

The answer is.....C. Leah is cheering her mom on at a marathon in Utah, then spending some time in Cali. I do love my family so, but I'm looking for ways to not run home when something incredibly disappointing happens. So, C it is.

I just spent an hour mapping out my destination for the rest of my trip.

Lubbock to Flagstaff, Arizona

I joined an amazing non-profit recently called CouchSurfing.org. Essentially, it's composed of many open-hearted people all over the world that open their living rooms and/or futons to those weary travelers in need of a place to stay. Am I nervous about staying by myself with a stranger (even if said stranger happens to have roommates, is female, and sometimes is really ye olde?) Of course I am. But, as usual, I refuse to let fear rule my life. How do you live an active life? By allowing yourself the capability to be an active participant in it. Open yourself up to the possibilities, not the probabilities!

I am concerned about the money portion of this trip. Not in its immediacy, but in its eventual course of events. I know I'm going to be logging some serious $$ on gas, alone. Bananas are cheap, so I bet I'll be eating a lot of those. :) Anyway, How does one pay for tuition AND travel? Oh dear reader, we shall see. I was having quite an anxiety attack over this particular conundrum, so, I showered, and then I put my head on straight. I'll worry about problems when they occur. Until then, I'll seize my opportunities and plan as well as possible for the future.

Flagstaff to Denver, Colorado

While GoogleMapping my destinational possibilities, I realized that by driving a mere twenty more minutes, I could spend (probably, at most 30 minutes at) the FOUR CORNERS NATIONAL MONUMENT! :D Dearest Blogoworld, I am pretty pumped about this. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Stevens, first mentioned Four Corners back when I was a wee tike with foppish, red hair. Not much has changed except for the wee part, and here I am, happy and silly with the opportunity to do something illegal in four states at the same time.

THEN, I drive another eight hours to reunite again with the incredible Leah Watson. I go through the Rio Grande National Park, and I'm pumped about that. Am I going to get out of my car? Not at that point. But I surely will wave to it as I drive by.

Watson and I spent four(ish) days together, sky dive that Friday morning, and Saturday morning, with the grace of my banking account, I strike out for Cincinnati, to once again begin a beautiful spring quarter in the company of those that I enjoy, inspire, am inspired by, and even occasionally love.

Denver to Cincinnati

...or, Denver to St. Louis. Where I'll soon find some place to stay for a night, and then...thank God....then, I'm back to Cincinnati right before school begins, and I have another many things to tackle.

Next Quarter is surely going to be an interesting and unpredictable one. For the first time, I have a sizable, juicy role in a show (that I'm handling quite capably, I might add.) The Forgotten Love of My Life is going to be in town for two months, and despite any challenges we face, we surely do have fun, and it's going to be nice having a substantial history with someone in that city for once. I'm working two additional days at Ten Thousand Villages, the non-profit closest to my heart, and even hanging out with a bunch of animals from Africa on one of those days. :) My weight loss is going to sky-rocket; I signed up for two exercise classes and am designing my new room with a silly ode to a scale and weight loss. And speaking of that, I've moved into a new house, away from the Millionaires, and finally...finally get a space to breathe in. Whew! So fantastic!

And then I go to Hawaii.

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