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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Soapbox Sunday: Schoolin' Myself

Here's what I love about blogs: I'm constantly figuring out what I need to be figuring out. Novel, idea, yes? I started this week's post trying to "figure out" just why I was so terrified of stepping on a scale. And by "terrified," I want to clarify that I literally convinced myself to forget when and how I was to step on the scale, and the time just passed. Oh, if only I could be that specific and focused in my acting. I was terrified!

But I figured it out!

Here's the thing: I need to plan better.
I'm looking at some pictures of my face, and it's lookin' kinda chubby, I'm not gonna lie. I go through my days, looking/watching what I eat, making smart choices, and hoping not to fall into one of my recurrent pitfalls. But sometimes I fail.

So here's a novel idea: If I'm going to plan for one of my PITFALLS, why don't I just do it because I plan to? Chances are I'm going to make smarter, more rational choices, and really learn how to balance out the rest of my diet (healthy eating habits) around that.

I have come to realize that I make GREAT choices. I make great choices because I am the guiltiest woman after making bad ones. And I refuse to let myself do that over and over again. What is the point, at that point? :P So I'm gonna start planning.

Also, how inspiring are the Oscars? I'm flipping my shiz here at my house. YES SANDRA BULLOCK!

Anyway, I'm a bit sidetracked right now. Sandra Bullock is amazing. Bottom line: when I plan, I get shiz done. So I'm gonna plan. What do I want for breakfast? Cake? Sure. One piece. Dinner, make it good. Make it work. My life is gonna be active, awesome, and I'm gonna be in charge of it.

Love you all.

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