Tip of the Week

Roll with the punches! Life is gonna smack you right in the face when you don't expect it. If you're head's on straight, you're certainly gonna handle it just fine. Roll with it. Complain a little bit, and let it go.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Momentary Monday: Make a List

Make a list this week. Every. Single. Day. When you get near the end of it, put "go to bed." If you, like me, have problems remembering that your day is actually over, it'll be a good reminder. :)
Every day. Let me know how it goes.


SilverNeurotic said...

I really need to try that. I've got so much stuff that I SHOULD do during the day but then I kind of forget.

Allyson said...

I've been doing it all week (mostly bc it's a busy one for me,) and it's seriously making a difference. Especially with my fitness. I mean, are you kidding me? All I needed to do was write down what I wanted in order to evaluate it with my head on straight?
It's too easy.