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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Success Story: How to Not Spend a Night Frozen in a Car in a Blizzard Outside your Pal's House

Hello Blogoworld! I promised this great story, and here it is.

So, here we go. First and foremost, I've spent not as much time as I would've hoped with the dear Leah Watson from our very own Watson Wednesdays. We've done much great fitness work within that time! Apparently, CorePower Yoga offers a free week of classes to any and all, and we certainly have made great use of this within the past few days. God, yoga is something we've got to talk about soon. Discipline. Training. Focus. Intensity. Things I love. We took a hot yoga class last night, and just let me tell you that I sweated my balls off.

Secondly fantastic about being with the Miss Watson is the wonderful chemistry that allows us both to really get our goals set, regardless of the topic. We discussed our "five year goals" (with her mom, no less, another kick ass woman of exponential proportions), and I really am set to go for the next month, life-wise. Here's what I've got coming up:

1) since I'm on the go, anyway, all the time, packing my food conclusively in calorie-labeled containers. I want to know what I'm eating, and I really want to learn how to budget my eating based off of my body's needs. I like this idea, but am a wee bit hesitant to run with it. I'm sure it won't be a problem...but anyone got any advice to share? That might help me refine this idea, and it certainly can use some refining.

2) Getting a yoga pass. When I was in high school, oh so many years ago, I was the captain and number one in command of the Farmersville Farmerettes Drill Team. Yes, it IS as intense as it sounds. :P Anyway, I loved the discipline and focus of practicing every day, the stretching and resistance that came with movement, and I am pumped to now find another option that allows me to fulfill what I liked most about dance. Yes, I have done yoga before. No, I have never regularly attended classes. Here we go!

3) Hey! I'm signed up for cardio classes at school! Again! It's the greatest way to really work on what is important to me and my career--my body. I'm pumped.

And now...on to the title of this blog post.

Two or three moons ago (and by "moons," I mean days), I made an asshole out of myself in Portales, New Mexico on the tail end of my break-up, and finally came to terms with the fact that the healthiest thing for me to do was leave. So I left. Watson herself wasn't due in to Denver until Wednesday afternoon, and it was, in fact, Monday morning. I trailblazed my way up to Denver, anyway, eating guacamole and chugging water. Eventually, that combo wasn't quite satisfying, as I am sure, you, dearest, fittest, reader understand. :) Anyway, I ended up staying with some incredibly distant relatives on the fly. For their hospitality and just gosh darn niceness, I am truly grateful. Eventually, it was time to leave their home. So I did. :D

I decided to leisurely spend the day in downtown Denver. I went to the amazing Body Worlds exhibit, looked at some muscles, some lungs, some fat, some hearts, some babies, some organs, and then spent awhile getting in some "exercise" at the Cherry Creek Mall. And then I left.

This is when the blizzard began.

The snow fell. The visibility increasingly got worse. Quickly. I ended up turned around, backwards, flip flopped around in my little suzuki reno (which, may I add--is NOT a great car for Denver Blizzards).

Watson talked me through directions to her house. Her mom had just finished a half-marathon (I told you---KICK ASS) in Moah, Iowa, and was trapped on the highway. Watson's flights were canceled, and she was stuck in Las Vegas. But I was there, and I was given every welcome to park, find the spare key, get myself into the house, and make myself at home.

Here's the thing about Watson's home: It is impossible to get into. Ya see, Watson's dad is a smart man. He proofed that thing within an inch of its life. Furthermore, the snow was blanketing everything. I was given specific directions to the so-called key, and was absolutely LOST in the heavy blankets being thrown on my head and on everything around me. The phrase, "needle in a hay stack" kept popping into mind.......there's something to be said for searching for a key in a blizzard.

Anyway, this story gets more intense. Ya see, I had forgotten, but apparently my cell phone drops any, and ALL, functions within ten feet of Watson's property line. Watson certainly talked me through directions to her house, but as soon as I parked, we dropped the line. I got out, scrambled around, tried scaling the nine foot fence surrounding her house, could not, went back to my car, tried to get ahold of her, realized I had no reception, drove two blocks, parked, and called her back.

Of course, she is hunting down her own back, so I sit frigid and wet in my car for forty minutes till we can touch base again.

She gives me directions to the back of her house, talks me through a three-step procedure while I take diligent notes for getting through the back, we hang up, and I attempt again. No luck. I back track, drive around the block, call her back.

We try again. Now, Watson is in the middle of securing a cheap hotel for a spontaneous night in Vegas (...), playing middle man to her mom who is trapped on the highway up in the mountains because of the blizzard, and trying to get me into her house. She gives me directions again, and this time (upon driving back, of course) I was able to break past the garage, sneak past the falcon tethered there, and start a mad scramble around the back yard for the damn key. NOTHING. The snow has blanketed everything.

Believe me, I searched. There are a lot of details being left out here, simply for the fact that my mind has needed to block such adventure from my mind. But the yard was wrecked. I searched my little heart out.

I trod off to hop in my car, drive away, and call Watson again.

This happens three more times. The first (of many), she asks me to search the front yard. Search the old hiding spots. The second time, I'm given directions to a nearby neighbor's house....who is out of town. The third, we break back through and search every nook and cranny of their damn yard. :)

Each of these conversations is spaced out. We're both flying around, and we have at least thirty minutes between each attempt. The neighbors have called Watson's dad, alerting him to the terrifying shadow lurking on and around their property, and he is helpless. He's working a 24 down at his station, quite some distance off. Finally, I go to a bar. And sit.

And Watson comes up with a master plan! She calls a friend, he agrees, and I drive 20 mph for the next hour and a half to meet and spend the night with a fantastic Brian Kief, my newest dearest friend. :)

Huh. Exercise wise, that WAS quite an adventure. I was frozen, wet, sweating. I was wearing summer jeans, and thank God I changed into my cowboy boots. The whole while, I kept thinking about how funny this entire situation was, and how I would love to share it (and play damsel-in-distress) for the Former Love of my Life. And then, that just seemed too silly to handle. My jack-assery in Portales came about only because I wasn't comfortable with how strong I felt throughout the whole situation. Believe me, I know I can stand on my own two feet...but knowing it while doing it was something I just wasn't used to. Wow. And sitting here in the middle of a Denver blizzard, telling Watson I was perfectly happy to sleep in my vehicle in front of her car, having her respond that I just didn't understand, and knowing that it didn't matter whether or not I really understood, was a great way to remember I was alive, living, and really happy with who I am. Strength is practiced, learned, trained for. I had been training my heart for awhile, and it was ready for me. Way to be a champion. :)

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