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Friday, September 4, 2009

Blips and Quips: Fun Experiences, Positive People 1 of 2

Is that a burrito much larger than a fully grown human hand? Yes. Is this a health blog? Yes. How does this make sense? Well, dear Blogoworld, in the general scheme of a life, it makes perfect sense.

Remember this girl? That is the beautiful Mikayla Stanley of The Bomb.blogspot.com and also my betrothed friend for life (she gave me a ring *see photo below.) Anyway, Mikayla Stanley held a FEAST FESTIVUS in my pre-21st birthday honor as we watched a fantastic showing of Cincinnati Outdoor Shakespeare's "As You Like It." Was there so much food? There absolutely was. Did we stuff ourselves? No. Why? Because we absolutely did not need to.

Mikayla really honed me in on eating when I'm hungry, and not eating when....well, I'm not. As silly as it sounds, I learned how to not eat until I wanted to vomit from her. It's okay to eat what you want to eat--just realize that you probably don't need (or really, want) to eat too much of it. This entire summer, her positive, supportive attitude has really fueled my smelly girl fire, especially since I bounce my thousands of ideas for this blog off of her as we Curves it up.

So, Blogoworld, regardless of what you want to do--find yourself a Mikayla Stanley. She is that person who will tell you YES, YOU ARE CAPABLE. And you will absolutely love her for your entire life.


She arrives! I'm sure she got GREAT exercise in lugging those heavy bags around. :P

Mikayla's a vegetarian. That's a delicious Portobello Hamburger. "It's a mushroom!"

Also--if you're going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, check out their rarely published Nutritional Guide.
Make smart choices!

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