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Friday, September 4, 2009

Blips and Quips: Fun Experiences, Positive People (2 of 2)

Hello there Blogoworld! Remember this post with some great travel photos? That was part of a whirlwind trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I met this artist. He is a great person. Was I interested in buying art? Absolutely not. Did he still let me pester him with numerous questions about his pieces and why he painted the way that he does? Of course he did. :) He even gave me a free postcard that I use as a bookmark so that I can see it often.

This is a cool person, a positive person. They are excellent to put into your life. A very good friend once advised me to, "Just be who you are. The people that want to be a part of your life will show up." She was right. Matthew was a great person to have blip into my life, and I thank him for his patience, kindness, and excitingly calm personage.

This is a hilarious painting I adore, "Love, Riding on Music."

Here's a great picture Matthew sent me of some of his new works. Look at those happy, bright colors. That is what I like.

Also--I could not get over the fact that this guy was great enough to send me a picture of him in his boxers, which kind of look exactly like his paintings. Personality coherence? Absolutely.

Thanks, Matthew!

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