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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know

Today's Thursday Thin Girl is a beautiful and sweet Julie Kavanagh, currently studying for her BFA in Musical Theatre from the Cincinnati-Conservatory of Music! Julie is an INCREDIBLY SKILLED performer. She works hard, puts in loads of rehearsal hours, and has such a lovely disposition. This is the kind of girl a person wants to go watch chick flicks with and talk about life. Julie is the kind of girl who makes everything about YOU, okay. :)
BE ACTIVE! It is very easy to slump around the couch all day watching "Law & Order"marathons. It is then much easier to grab a bag of chips to snack on and ice cream, when "Sex in the City" comes on later that night. Instead, find a physical activity that you enjoy doing! If you don't like running on the treadmill, on those beautiful spring and summer days, run outside or take a walk. Find yourself a fitness or dance class at the local gym. Exercise is great for you! And when you find something you love to do, it is lots of fun! :)

I can't say that I have never been unhappy about the way I look. It never helps to open the latest fashion magazine and gawk at all the perfectly toned, airbrushed models that fill the pages. It also doesn't help to be approaching that wonderful time of the month when you feel like a balloon the size of Texas. The trick is that one must remember that our bodies are unique and beautiful, and no one is going to have the same one. I have tons of freckles, and ONE gigantic dimple. Yes, just one. When I go out in the sun I become a tomato-- NOT a bronzed goddess. But I love these little things about myself because they make me, me, and not the girl next to me.

I must admit that I absolutely love sweets. They are my vice. Put cookies, chocolate, ice cream, or cake in front of me and I am a happy camper, but the camper who can get into trouble quite easily. Don't drive yourself crazy by not eating your favorite foods! Reward yourself every once in a while! You can eat your favorite treat AND still lose weight AND be healthy! Just remember sizes and portions! Instead of eating that entire piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, split it with your girlfriends! You could also save half of your dinner and eat it for lunch the next day. Not only are you watching what you eat, but you are now saving money too!

Thanks Julie!

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