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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Success Story

Hey all!
I apologize dreadfully for the lack of posting that has been going on with this blog, as of late. School has been a WHIRLWIND. Have you ever attended summer camp, and when it was over you thought, "Man, I wish I could have done that seven days a week, eighteen hours a day?" Well, I am here to tell you that YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT THAT.

However, I do have a Saturday Success Story here for you pulled straight from the website of Women's Health Magazine! How do you keep your weight loss going? You surround yourself with information. Get acquainted with this website and magazine, it is a grand one.

Read on to discover Bethany Whirty's way of making her lifestyle work for her. And if you, or anyone you know of qualifies as a Saturday Success Story, give a hoot and send their info my way. :) west.allyson@gmail.com

You Lose You Win: Bethany Whirty
"I can't believe I was once a size 22."

Before: 270 lb, After: 155 lb

Even as a kid, Bethany Whirty, 25, a project coordinator from Loveland, Colorado, was heavy. Though she was active and loved sports, her high-calorie, high-fat diet (she was big on brownies, cookies, and soda) still packed on pounds. "I guess I wasn't raised with healthy habits or portion control," she says.

The Gain

Her weight problem came to a head when she moved out on her own. She stopped exercising, and her eating habits worsened. Meals of Hamburger Helper, pizza, or half gallons of ice cream ("I wouldn't even use a bowl," she says) added up. By 23, her clothing size was nearly the same as her age.

The Change

Her mother, a wellness coach, suggested they diet together, and she agreed to humor her. But when she stepped on a scale for the first time in years and saw that at 5'9" she weighed 270, she was shocked into action.

The Lifestyle

She cut carbs and sweets, starting with soda. Twelve weeks in she was down 30 pounds and had the energy to join a softball team. Six months later, in January 2008, Bethany celebrated her first 100 pounds lost with a gym membership. Then she started running and dropped 15 more pounds before she did her first 10-K that May.

The Reward

This June, Bethany crossed the finish line of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego a slim size 6. Next stop: the Boston Marathon. Bethany's TipsMake the reward as big as the goal. "After my marathon, I took myself on vacation to Palm Springs."Drink often. "The more hydrated you are, the less hungry you feel."

Her Advice: Recircuit your stress. "I curbed emotional eating with a new outlet: running."

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