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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know

Today's Thursday Thin Girl is a Miss Emily Matlack, formerly of Arizona! Emily is an inspiring actress-- globe trotting, being fab, updating facebook regularly with her adventures. I love it. Read on to see how she keeps her rockin' bod so "with it" in life.

It is important to find a support group who will be there for you while you are trying to reach your goals.

Also, it is easier to set many small goals along the way as opposed to one large goal that may seem very far off in the distance. And I am a huge fan of indulgence and rewarding yourself along the way! A pair of earrings you have been dying to get or a cute dress are great things to motivate you! We all have the power to change ourselves for the better, but more often than not we choose to ignore our own capacity for individual change.

So, even when you are feeling down, or feel your goals are far out of reach, never forget how amazing you are for being proactive and taking your health into your own hands.

I, like everyone else, have had certain times in my life where I don't love my body. I often wish I wasn't so boy shaped and that I had breasts and curves. In reality, it has been great asset when it comes to dancing and when I was a figure skater as a young girl.

I think it is vital to love your body and love yourself, and realize that when you feel good about your body, your whole attitude and demeanor can change for the better. As I have grown up, I have learned to accept my body for what it is and be proud of the assets I do have.

Drink lots of water and eat lots of small meals instead of a couple of big ones! I never leave the house without a water bottle, and I never let myself get dehydrated. Water helps flush out your system and can do great things for your skin and hair. When I eat lots of small meals during the day, I never am famished or feel like I have to gorge myself during a meal. Also our eyes can often be bigger than our stomachs, so eating in moderation is something I always remind myself to do.

Thanks, Emily for the great, matter-of-fact advice. You're an online BFF. Hey, Blogoworld! Don't forget to check out Emily's website.


The Little Jewelry Box said...

SO true! I often don't make the changes I should that would ulitmately make me happier. Isn't strange- our resistance to even positive change.

Allyson said...

Change is hard! People have to delegate their time--and a lot of that "comfort" of eating is a really easy place for us to ignore.

So, change really depends on what a person wants. People all want different things! :)