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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Work It, Wednesday!

Here's the deal: I'm in a bad mood today. So I rearranged my already planned Work It, Wednesday! and have brought you something easy to do, and easy for me to talk about: Jumping. Guess what, everyone? I jump. A lot. When do I do it? During commercial breaks. Is this hilarious and weird? Yes, yes it is. But every little bit of exercise counts. And once you have jumped for three to five minutes straight, for six to eight commercial breaks, that is a lot of exercise added up. Do I use a jump rope? I used to, but not anymore. I'm afraid I'll break something. So JUMP. JUMP JUMP JUMP. It's great cardio, it's easy to do, and you can even do other things while you're moving your freaking bones. P.S. Your legs will look great.

Guess what else? Wikipedia has classifications of different jumps. This cheers me up somewhat. Here they are:

Jump - jumping from and landing on two feet
Hop - jumping from one foot and landing on the same foot
Leap - jumping from one foot and landing on the other foot
Assemble - jumping from one foot and landing on two feet
Sissonne - jumping from two feet and landing on one foot

Leaping gaits, which are distinct from running gaits, include cantering, galloping, and pronging.

Just jump. Jump for joy, jump for fear, jump because you're in a crappy mood and it will actually make you feel better. That's what I'm doing later. I'll start laughing, I'll keep jumping, and I'll start to feel better. I like that.

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