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Roll with the punches! Life is gonna smack you right in the face when you don't expect it. If you're head's on straight, you're certainly gonna handle it just fine. Roll with it. Complain a little bit, and let it go.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thirty Minute Monday

Got thirty minutes today? Take this quiz.

Let's talk for a moment about repetitive information. I have been trying to lose weight, let's say, for three years now. Why have I not yet been entirely successful? Because I'm not listening OR paying attention to what it is I'm reading about weight loss. So what's different about this time? Take a look, Blogoworld, I have SURROUNDED myself by weight loss. I keep reminding myself of what this lifestyle looks like, and I keep testing my knowledge of it. I'm doing well.

So, today, if you've got thirty minutes, and I am certain that you can, take this quiz to remind yourself what 100 calories looks like. You're gonna need it. :) This info will stick in your brain eventually, even if you're only halfway paying attention to it. So keep reminding yourself of what it takes, what you love, what makes you happy, and what you like about what you are doing with your body. It all adds up. :)

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