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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know

Today's Thin Girl is a Mrs. Barbara Watson from Denver, Colorado! I am actually loving featuring the wise Mrs. Watson on today's blog--she is mother and ass-kicker of the Miss Watson, featured on this site weeks ago. *Cue "MUSIC"* <--Was that a link? Why I think it was. Mrs. Watson stays fit and healthy by living her life--she has long established a schedule chock full of activities keeping her on her feet. Furthermore, she passes her love for activity and adventure to her spunky daughter. I am all about healthy families.

My body is my vehicle in life. I like it to be able to go places, look nice, and be functional. I like to have fun with it; ski, swim, dance, hike in the mountains, protect itself (karate), and kiss and hug. I like to work with my body too; nursing, gardening, doing massage, cleaning my house, and going camping. I like to rest; to sit and read a book, lie in a hammock, and take a nap.

Any habit should be aimed at a life-time change; avoid crash diets etc. Regular exercise is key. Quiet time and time for prayer and reflection are essential, too. These are all anchors for me.

The mind-body forms of exercise are especially good for connecting with ourselves; yoga, tai chi, karate, and qigong are some examples. There is something unifying about breathing, moving, and thinking at the same time. These kind of exercise/art forms help our emotions, intentions, and body come together. Running and aerobics are good, too, but they different. I spent over twenty years studying Japanese Karate; Wado Ryu. It was a passion and I approached it as an art form and sport. I didn’t think about the number of calories I was burning. It did a lot for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually-socially too. It really makes a difference to have a workout partner and a critical coach. A Karate ‘Sensei’ is an ego-basher as well as an insightful mentor. It helps to let someone get to know you well, point out your weaknesses, and encourage you with pertinent truths. I think I learned the value of how day to day work can lead to achieving big goals.
I have struggled with my weight, been up and down, had eating disorders, and now I don’t change much and eat what I want. Grace? I know I don’t eat for comfort or emotional reasons. Exercise, being out in nature, quiet times, and time with friends & family are my greatest outlets.
Barb, thank you for your calming, positive outlook on life. I love spending time in your home, and also taking hilarious camping trips up into the depths of freaking Colorado together. Little known fact--Barb and I once shared my apartment for about three days. Her vocation (NURSE) proved, once again, to my benefit as my eye decided to take the most convenient time to become incredibly infected and not open. Barb saved my life. And my sight. Thanks, Barbara Watson!

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