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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Truth Tuesday

Let's be real, real quick: Airports are incredible places. They take you places, they bring you places, they function kind of efficiently, given the general hubbub and chaos. They are designed for leisure. They are designed to trick you, my friend. They are designed to trick you into eating everything in sight. Why is that? Because you have the time, and they have the will.

They have the Pizza Huts, the Starbucks, the Burger Kings and McDonalds. They have candy counters, rows and rows upon king-sized sugar bags and soda pop, making your fledgling portion senses tingle wildy out of control. This is not a good thing!

As you wait forty minutes for your next connecting flight, let's reconsider the options of foraging for food throughout the airport. Sure, it is entertaining, and it DOES kill time, but you could actually read that novel you bought for the vacay instead of rolling over to the 5 & Dime.

If you ARE going to eat (instead of deciding that you actually aren't hungry because you planned a smart meal that morning, as well), take into account these tips. The truth of the matter is, you are NOT that hungry, and you CAN make better choices. So do it. :)

1. Rethink the ice cream. Sure, it's delicious, and you probably do deserve a treat. BUT..... you ARE on vacation. Let's save those calories for when they count, like tonight's Hawaiian Lava Cake (which you'll split!)

2. Hit the Vending Machines! Whew! Although they are still wildly expensive, most accept credit cards and retain the standard portions of normal candy and snacks.

3. Scarf up the trail mix. Or Kashi Power Bars. If you're going to be overindulging, do it on something that has SOME kind of benefit. Heavy in calories, but heavy in nutrients. Gotta love that trail mix.

4. Rethink the magazines you buy. Instead of "Allure," try "Shape." Intead of "Cosmo," try "Women's Health" or "Yoga." These will help inspire you to stick to your smarts while on this trip.

5. Order SMALL anything. Portions are going to be heaping anyway, you're kind of paying for them, and you're probably in America. Order it small, eat well when you land.

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