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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blips and Quips: What am I wearing, and Why do I not like it?

Oh my god, I forgot--it's because I am wearing a pair of jeans. Great. And they don't quite fit as well as I remember when I bought them. Is this a fashion-faux-pas-what-in-the-world-makes-you-think-that-looks-okay fit, or is this the ugh-i'm-just-a-little-too-full-already-and-i've-had-a-free-cookie-and-half-a-blended-entirely-fruit-drink fit? Why, dear internet, it is the second one. Unfortunately.
Granted, I've never spent more than forty bucks on jeans, so these are not the greatest fitting jeans in the world. But I want them to be! And I'm ready to drop some buck on a smashing fit, but it's definitely NOT worth it if I'm going to be dropping serious weight first.

But today, oh today is the day of the Ill-Fitting Jean. You know what I mean. Tell me your stories, your horrors, your hates of the blue jean and how much it sucks to your body. Granted, I'm absolutely certain that my dislike of the Jean today has more to do with my internal comfort level. But guess what? That sucks too, and I'm over it. :)

Dear J. Crew,

I want to wear you. But you are going to have to wait. Get over it. Things happen slowly-- what else can I say?! I know, I KNOW I tempted you when I walked into your store and casually started browsing through your white skinnies. I know, I'm SORRY I quickly got my act together and hustled out of there, altogether. But JUST. YOU. WAIT. I'll be in there pairing those skinnies with great sweaters in no time.



Sarah said...

I loved this post! I laughed because I imagined exactly how you would have said the "Dear J. Crew" section. :) I love you!

Tanvi said...

I personally like the fit of the Gap - Always Skinney Jeans - but on the model. I am sure on me it would look hideous :o)

Allyson said...

Hilarious. Dear Gap, Make us some jeans, and make them inexpensive. Love, Allyson and Tanvi

I will not lie, I DO have a Gap jean obsession. Is it ruling my life? It certainly is not and solely because I refuse to spend my hard-earned money on jeans when they are not going to make me look as fly as I want to. YET.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

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