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Monday, August 24, 2009

Thirty Minute Monday

Got thirty minutes today? Let's make an inspiration board. For anyone trying to accomplish a goal, especially weight loss, it is incredibly important to surround yourself with positive infuences. IMMERSE yourself in the reason why you are doing what you are doing. LOSE yourself in the mayhem. Kind of. You need to constantly have reminders of why you are embarking on a long distance marathon of sorts. So today is a great day to compile a quick compendium.


Grab a magazine.
Grab some scissors.
Flip through till you find those images that make you feel like changing your life, and cut them out.
Collage them.

Bam! Inspiration Board.

Mine, above, although a little rough (it's my first board!), obviously tells me what I'm craving when I hit gone-skinny time: BOOTS. I want those stacked, over-the-knee, sexy suede boots.

Create your own inspiration board today. You've got the time. :) Oh! and if you upload it, send it to me--I'd love to see and share: west.allyson@gmail.com

These are examples of really great inspiration boards from Green Wedding Shoes. Although used for wedding planning, the idea is the exact. An inspiration board keeps you focused.


Mikayla said...

The picture with the green paint is in Columbus. I've seen it, it is pretty awesome.

Allyson said...

Really? Wow. I have only been to Columbo once, and it was for a frisbee tournament. Let's take a trip! I want to see this inspiring wall!