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Monday, August 10, 2009

Thirty Minute Mondays

Got 30-Minutes? It's time to plan ahead. How do you feel like planning ahead today? Oh, you want to prepare some food? That is such a good idea. My, oh my, you are so smart and clever! :) I bet you are so happy in your body.

Wow! What a cool storage container! Man, that is soo eco-friendly, too! I bet those carrots you just sliced up are going to be so tasty when you are hungry. You know what I like? Vegetables. You need to eat a LOT of vegetables. They are so perfect for snacks, too, right? I mean, if you're going to be eating a snack, make it a good one.
Dang, girl! You were so smart to put your fruit that you want to SNACK on in these awesome carriers. I'm certain these are going to keep your fruit tasty and fresh. So well-proportioned! I'm sure your fruit changes according to the season, but there ARE some fruits with added benefits. Let's talk hydration. Watermelon, obviously, is a great choice, but grapes work well, too! How about fiber? Apples will aid you there. Need some antioxidants to help you chill out? Good thing you packed your blueberries! And natural sugar for an energy boost? Hook it up with kiwi or strawberries. These babies will help you get going!

It's important to make sure your food looks like something you want to eat. Just like we do with our bodies, it is time to dress up our food! Want something a little off-kilter? Let's carry our snacks or lunch in a take-out box. Love robots? Of course you do! Carry that lunch in your robox. Yep, I just made up that word. ROBOX.
Whatever you do, use your Thirty Minute Mondays wisely. Make good use of your time, and make an improvement in your life. :)


MaryKate said...

I was seriously eating strawberries and carrots as I read this. But not out of a cute take-out box. I'll have to fix that!

Allyson said...

Hello MaryKate! Thanks for the great comment. It made my day. :D