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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Friday Find

Know what inspires me right now? Romantic Vintage. This is what I love and it fits this sassy lady I have grown into. Look at these women! They look so beautiful! They are thin, and those ruffles are making me love them. This week's Friday Find involves an outfit I have promised to myself as a treat when I hit a weight-loss marker. Here it is, and I am going to be lookin' fly:

Speaking of treats, it's really important to reward yourself during any hard, long-term goal. I went to a beautiful bakery three days ago to get a treat for a friend, and treated myself with a tuxedo brownie! It was worth it. I had never felt so good about a treat in my life. Furthermore, it gives me a great gauge on what is appropriate as far as treats go, and when I really deserve one. Make yourself work for it, but make put those treats in your life!

Look at this girl! She looks so cute in her rolled matchstick jeans and heels. Such long legs! Her legs look great in those heels. I will not look like this. But! I will look as happy just as adorable as she does.

Go out and get it! You want this, go get it! Go make it happen! Today is a good day to make things happen.

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