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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know

Today's Thin Girl is a Miss Mikayla Stanley from Tampa, Florida! She and I write a sister blog, Sassanati, based on our stay here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mikayla, however, drops attitude bomb in her personal blog, "thebomb.blogspot.com" Here's what she has to say about staying healthy, thin, and happy.

Eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you are not. Your body is an amazing, amazing thing. It knows when it needs something and it will tell you.

Also, don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. Sometimes we think we need the regular ice cream cone (because let's be real. Ice cream is so delish) but really all we need is the small. No one needs the super sized ice cream cone! If you want a taste, have it. Just don't kill yourself over it. Restaurants tend to over serve. So, when eating out, really analyze what your body is telling you when eating. Chances are, you will be full before your plate is cleaned. THAT'S OKAY! Whoever said you had to clean your plate was an asshole. Take home leftovers! They'll be great later!

I love my body. It's the only one I'll ever have. Why waste time being mean to it?

The no-fail habit I stick to is surrounding myself with women that love themselves. I think this is so important for anyone who is trying to better themself. Everyone needs a support group; otherwise, we can be our own worst enemy. By populating my life with beautiful and fabulous women, I constantly have inspirations just as wonderful as they are.

No matter what size you are, you are beautiful! Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Be the best YOU that you can be!

Thanks, Thin Girl Mikayla! I am so proud to feature your sound advice on my blog. Mikayla is the girl that gave me the push to begin my own current weight loss success story. She is the girl that taught me how to eat when I'm hungry, and the girl who supports me 100 bazillion percent in everything I ever want to do. Mikayla is a great friend, a beautiful woman, and a smart, smart lady. Mikayla, you are thebomb.com

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