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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seeing Skinny

Today's Seeing Skinny Video comes from Miss Mary Schrader, this past week's Thin Girl! Mary was inspired by this video--I think probably because the editing and time lapse production is so damn good. Regardless, it IS interesting to take a behind the scenes peek at what really happens on photoshoots. This is an ad for Dove, who often focuses on a sense of "real" women in their ads. The idea of "real" women is amusing to me. All women are real. We all just place different values on our value. Buh dum che!

Now, this video is NOT to tell you that "Beauty is a Sham!" "There's no way I can look like that because it's not even in existence!" That, my friends, is bullshit. Yes, you absolutely can look however you want. This video on this blog is simply meant to present the idea that yes, things (including commercialized beauty) are not always what they seem. So--there you have it.
Also--this reaffirms my belief that commercial modeling is often about personality.

See the video HERE HERE HERE! It is a short one, 1:15 minutes. :) Enjoy the thoughts.

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