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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Win a Watermelon!

Do you want to celebrate the end of summer with a last-moment shebang surprise? Of course you do! Presenting: The Watermelon Wishes Contest!

Are you ready to be fit, happy, and healthy? Are you already fit, happy, and healthy? Are you ready to spread the word about "Sugar (Cookie), Don't Waste My Time?" Then, it's time to get empowered, tune in, and win an actual watermelon!

That's right! I think it would be absolutely hilarious (and incredibly healthy) to send one lucky reader a watermelon via USPS. I decorate it, package it up, and post it straight to you! (P.S. I'll pick a great big fat one from my local Farmers' Market)

To enter, simply leave your name in the comments box OR publicly add through the "Follow" application on the right. All "following" entrants receive two entries.

If you've found this contest through any post on any other of your favorite blogs, be sure to leave their name in your "official" entry. They'll get a cool prize for passing you along. :)


spiffysaxplyr said...

I, the great Mary Schrader, want to win a WATERMELON!!

genevieve1 said...

say guurl, gimme a piece o yo watta melon

Zekiel said...

I, the great Zekiel Johnson, also want to win a WATERMELON!! =D

By the by, Allyson, this blog is fantastic. I'm really interested in going through the rest of it as fast I can! When I get settled back at school, you can bet it's the first thing I do before going grocery shopping. =)