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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work It, Wednesday!

Today's Work It, Wednesday! covers a topic that I absolutely love: Crafting. Wait a minute? Isn't the Work, It Wednesday feature about exercise and.....why.....are we.... crafting? Because, dear Blogoworld--it's active, and I love it.

Using your hands will also keep you away from food. Can you identify boredom in your life? Let's fill that boredom with loads of beautiful things! Think of the many, many activities you can whip up. Indulge in painting, scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting, knitting, collaging, just putting heaps of cool things together (which I do), baking (keep it healthy-ish--double points if you plan a healthy meal), designing, sewing, decorating, OR making Valentine's Day cards. Which I did. Saturday, August 21st.

I started with beautiful and interesting prints. I wanted newspaper, post cards, maps, and really beautiful antique patterns.

But I also wanted classic, a la 1940s VDay. I used doilies, red construction paper, and some really cool stamps.

But then, my love of pretty things took over and I bought glitter and butterflies, too. :)

I love love. And lots of hearts.

And this is what I got.

So. Work It, Wednesday! is about doing something active with your time that does not involve eating. While baking can tiptoe the line for that requirement, I know you are a smart, well armed woman ready to make great choices. :)

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Mikayla said...

I love this post today! Crafting is such a joy, just like you Miss West.