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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Friday Find

What am I obsessed with lately? HAWAII and the many, many wondrous things that happen when you go there. First of all, check out this hot pic. Not only is there a giant, creepy, omnipresent sumo wrestler expending his ill wishes upon a possibly-destroyed-by-fire village, but this sexy woman, in her see-through skin-skirt, is offering up her blessings and praises. Way to go, Zombie Village Restaurant--you have absolutely become my favorite photo of today.
Let's get serious for a moment. What's a good reason to get your body in top shape, whatever that means to you? VACATION. When are you going to get to do this again? When are you going to be in this place, this emotion, again? Do you really want to be fretting with the fact that maybe you don't look as "perfect" in your swimsuit as you thought? No, you don't. So stop fretting, stop fussing, and plan ahead. Enjoy your vacation without wanting to fuss about your bod. Do it.

Do you want to go here? Then be the girl that does. Make it happen, because you can. Make your life the one you want to live. Be THAT girl. Become that girl that walks with this tiny, hunky man on this beautiful beach. FYI--that's Molokai, Hawaii. Go there.

Oh, I forgot--you might run into Elvis and he'll fall in love with you. Obviously.

Oh my god, battle of body confidence prevails. Who is gonna win? Who? And why are they both wearing ballet slippers at the beach? Look--whatever you want your body to be, make it that. Don't sit around and settle for less than is making you happy, though. You deserve to be who you are, whatever you think is you.

I want to be a wild, Hawaiian girl on this beach (ps I'm incredibly fair-skinned, with red hair.) I want to slide my legs out of some great overgrown, lush, green jungle and run to the beach with a dagger at my hip, i.e. James Bond girl Ursula Andress. She is working it, I'm not gonna lie. So, today, this is my inspiration: the beautiful world of Hawaii. It is where I want to be, where I want to grow, where I want to breathe and live. I want to be a healthy, active, sun-kissed girl in Hawaii.

Thanks, GlamourSplash and Lisa Mikami for the photos.

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