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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know: Adrien Finkel

Today's Thin Girl is the popular and helpful Adrien Finkle, currently of Los Angeles, California. An actor, Adrien takes us on a new-twist with the tired, old adage of deathly skinny being popular and hip. Read on for more!

I really hate to use the word “thin” as the goal. I truly believe the goal should be to get to a place where you are happy with your body and you feel good in what you wear. The word “thin” seemed to get me into a lot of trouble at CCM (Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.) I arrived my freshman year very comfortable being 4”11 and 115 pounds. I wasn’t skinny and I wasn’t fat. I was comfortably right in the middle. I had just moved from New York City, where fabulous food was a way of life for me, and guilt didn’t exist. If I could only have that feeling back for one moment, I would give anything. My first weeks at CCM I met an amazing group of female singers, dancers, and actresses. I found them all beautiful and fascinating. They all had something in common: the quest to be thin. I began to join them at the gym every day and listen in on diet tips at the cafeteria.
As school became more and more stressful and I began to feel out of control, I knew I could control one thing. My weight. As the pounds shed off, I became addicted. In three months I had gone from 115 pounds to 91 pounds. I was definitely THIN. Instead of concern from teachers, I got compliments. And my friends in class didn’t dare bring up the subject of my weight. I knew I was too thin, but I was scared to gain too much weight back if I started to eat more.
By spring, it had gotten worse. I remember coming home for spring break and weighing myself in my bathroom. I was 87 pounds and hadn’t gotten my period in months. I looked and felt like a little boy. Even though I still denied that I was sick, I knew I wasn’t okay. But I didn’t know who to talk to or where to even begin.My case was a lucky one, because when I reached that point, I decided to do something about it myself. I made a doctors appointment, got on meds to help me get healthier, and I moved into a house with a bunch of girls who could keep track of what I was doing.
My sophomore year was incredibly hard as I slowly, but surely gained back the weight I needed to survive. My friends were amazing and stood by my side, and by the end of the year I had gained 10 pounds back. Ever since then, I have remained on a constant, but healthy diet, which included gym visits 4-5 times a week and 3 healthy meals a day. I created a scheduled lifestyle that I could have a healthy control over. And I don’t weight myself anymore.As the years went by, I remained healthy, and happy.
But I truly believe when we, as women, begin a weight obsession, it is terminal. The quest to feel skinny will never end. There always be moments of guilt and sadness. My wish for every woman that enters college, is that they begin a healthy life styleof diet and exercise immediately, so they never have to resort to crash diets, which eventually lead to disorders. It’s a lonely road to nowhere.
As I graduated college and headed to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, unhealthy thoughts began to creep back into my mind. I wondered if Los Angeles would accept me the weight I am, or if they were going to want the sick, stick figure I was my freshman year. The myth of having to be thin in LA, weighed down on me, but I stayed strong and remained confident in the way I looked. I wasn’t skin and bones, but I felt healthy and beautiful, just hoping Los Angeles would think so too.When I arrived, still weighing a little more than I had hoped, I was signed by an agent and a manager within days. They loved and accepted me for who I was. They helped me realize that film and television aren’t looking for a certain weight or height, they are looking for interesting and talented people who have something to bring to the table.Within a few months I booked a lead in a feature film. I asked the director if he wanted me to lose weight for the role and he thought I was out of my mind. He said we want YOU. That’s all. That was the moment that all of my unhealthy fears and doubts left my head for a long, long time. I would have never guessed that it would be in Cincinnati where I would become obsessed with being thin, and Los Angeles, where I would find self-acceptance. As I began to work as an actor in Los Angeles, it inspired me to keep regularly visiting the gym and watching what I eat.
Honestly, I have never felt better in my life. Since I did the movie, I found an even better agent, booked a contract with the Disney channel, did a role for a pilot on MTV, and just last week I booked a part on ‘90210.’ Life is good, and I never have to skip a meal for it.I know I got a bit off track with your question, but when I heard the word ‘thin’ it didn’t sit well with me and I wanted to share my story. The quest to be thin can be wonderful, but it can also be harmful. I may be “thin” in your eyes, but I am also healthy, strong, fit, and I feel great about my size, which is all we are looking for in the end.
What is the one habit you swear by?
Eating breakfast!!! Even if you are not hungry when you first wake up, I think it’s important to eat a hardy breakfast and a huge glass of water or tea. It will curb your urges to snack throughout the day. I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and cut up peaches or pears on top. Otherwise I make an egg white and veggie omelet.Another thing I swear by, is avoiding late night snacking, and giving yourself a few hours to digest before you go to bed. If you just do this, I think you are guaranteed to shed some pounds.
What inspires you?
My friends and family. I think its important to surround yourself with people that constantly inspire you. My friends are all hard working, loyal, and interesting people who keep me in check and teach me something new every day.
What else would you like to tell me?
You are beautiful.

Thanks, Adrien, for the strong words and the clear vision. Break a leg!

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