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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Truth Tuesday: Mexican Food

Pozole. A delicious broth-based soup built around hominy--the fiber-loaded member of the maize family. Most pozoles are also loaded with chile peppers, which impart antioxidant capsaicins, and pork, which adds high-quality protein. This is one of the lighter meals you can order at a Mexican restaurant.

Chimichanga: More fun to say. Behind every tasty chimi is an ultra-absorbent flour tortilla and a long bath in hot oil. That means it will be saddled with literally hundreds of calories of pure frying oil. Plus there's nothing remotely Mexican about it--it was created in Arizona! We should have known that a 1,200-calorie deep-fried burrito would be an American invention.

Tostada. A tostada takes a crispy corn taco shell, irons it flat, and buries it beneath a heap of beans, meat, cheese, and salsa. Ordinarily that sort of pileup approach would lead to trouble, but with the tostada, the perimeter of the corn shell halts the expansion before it gets out of hand. That makes for an awesome lunch for about 300 calories.

Guac. With its load of brain-boosting, cancer-fighting healthy fats, guac is a first-class condiment, but it still packs about 100 calories per scoop. Pair it with salsa to replace, not supplement, cheese and sour cream.

Enchiladas. The sleeper hit of the menu. Choose chicken over cheese or ground beef, skip the rice, and trade refried for black beans and you have a top-notch 600-calorie meal. SO DELICIOUS.

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Anonymous said...


Lance Armstrong's coach's book on food. It's a really good read. I highly recommend it. It takes a lot of the BS out of all the fad diets without slamming the intentions.

Bon Apetit.

Tio Greg