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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Soapbox Sunday: Through Great Distress We Find Great Progress

This was a rough week for me.

And by "rough," I mean, well....I actively committed to eating Tostito Chips for breakfast Friday morning.

Talk about a stomach ache and a half.

But here's the thing about having rough eating weeks: I can see my habits have changed. Previously, rough weeks consisted of binges of fruit, snow-piling every food within distance into my mouth, reaching for sweets sweets sweets, piling up on fruit until I was going to explode, and reaching all-time emotional lows.

But this week, I feel just a little bit off. I kept my calorie intake reasonable, I ate small portions of almost everything (sans tostitos and some cake), and I even balanced out my sweet binges the rest of the day. If I had a cookie, I made sure my other caloric intakes were veggies.

So, going forward, I'm returning to balance. You guys remember that thing called a "food pyramid?" We saw them in second grade science when we also used m&ms to learn about probability (by far my favorite experiment?) Well, I've been taking another glance at that food pyramid. It's kind of helpful. Lord knows it saved my ass this week. I could be a bloated, unhappy, depressed and lonely spinster. Nay, I surge forward, alive, hearty, healthy, and happy.

I'm even gonna look at the scale again this week. YIKES!
P.S. My exercise was balla last week. That helps, I'm CERTAIN.

1) Not eating late.
2) Realizing I don't need to eat late.
3) Talking myself out of sweet cravings when they were unneccessary.

Goals moving forward:

1) Get on a scale. Tuesday morning.
2) Pay attention to how often I eat sweets, and act accordingly to space them out.
3) If I'm going to be baking, to not eat half of what I make, effectively, as I make it.
4) Balance out my foods with a food pyramid psyche.

Let's go!

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