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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watson's Workout Mix!! (with an emphasis on Arms)

Alright! Watson's Workout Mix!!! The winner's this week are- *DRUM ROLL*-

1) "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
2) "Come Around" by M.I.A

There is absolutely nothing like Jay-Z to get you in the running-hard, lifting-heavy, and crunching-furiously state of mind. This is a favorite of mine when I'm walking to the gym, getting pumped for a good workout. "Come Around" offers a hip swaying sassy beat that makes it impossible to sit still. I just dare you to stay on the couch once you've got these tunes on your iPOD!

Now for arms, arms, arms. Here is the deal. In spite of all the sass in last week's posting, I have to confess, I am in the midst of a yoga OBSESSION right now. What has lead to this feisty and fabulous fixation? Well, after the shock of my first Bikram class subsided (a process which took several weeks), a friend was able to talk me into trying an 80's themed Yoga Sculpt class. Hello fun fabulous workout! Never have I worked harder, sweat more, or had more fun.

On this particular Wednesday-- I had spent all day at school, was in a fairly treacherous mood, and wanted nothing more than to curl up in my bed and watch Law and Order: SVU.


My phone notified me of a new text message. Glancing down at the screen I was disappointed to see an invite to an "80's themed yoga sculpt class." I thought, "Yeah, I don't think so," and plopped my phone back into my bag. I resolved to let my friend know I just wasn't feeling up to it and avoid the sweaty cult of contortionists in the process. But nay, nay, nay this is not what came to pass. My friend’s invitation had inadvertently dispatched a rowdy band of spandex clad, leg warmer wearing yoga nymphs to my imagination and try as I might I just couldn't shake them. As they danced tirelessly round my head, quietly nagging me to try 80's sculpt, I relented. Perhaps it was out of exhaustion, or perhaps it was a carnal desire to wear tight clothes and leg warmers, but regardless I dug my phone back out, punched in an affirmative message to my friend, and darted home to change.

The concept of 80's yoga sculpt is simple.

80's music + yoga + weights =

And as funny as caps lock can be, this is a very serious statement. I am not kidding. Not one bit. The incorporation of weights into the yoga poses is a surefire way to tone those shoulders, biceps, and triceps and leave your arms nice and sore for a good long while. But wait! There's more! Not only did I tone my arms to within an inch of their ever loving little lives, I was able to watch men and women in neon leggings, glow bracelets, and leg warmers lift weights and shake their hips to some of the groovier love songs of the 80's. It doesn't get better than that.

There may not be an 80's sculpt class near you, but never fear, many studios will offer some variation on Yoga Sculpt. If they don't, try taking a more conventional yoga class. In the course of an hour poses like Downward Dog, Upward Dog, and Plank will work the arms and core in an extremely effective way. You’re balancing your own body weight and stretching those muscles at the same time! I heartily encourage you to look into classes! Trust this moper, you'll gain a toned figure and a much better outlook. How can you go wrong? So get in an "Empire State of Mind" and conquer those poses! You'll be on your way to stronger arms in no time!

Your Wicked Workout Partner,
L. Watson

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