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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truth Tuesday: February 2, 2010

Hey Guys--I HAD to post this. Isn't it ridiculous? Did you know that Americans consume 140 pounds of sugar, ALONE, every year? WOW.
PS--these are always from the Eat This, Not That! webpage.

Cold Stone BP&C Shake

"Gotta Have It" size

153 g sugars

2,010 calories

131 g fat (68 g saturated, 2.5 g trans)

880 mg sodium

There's no such thing as a healthy milkshake, but there are varying degrees of bad. Unfortunately, this belly-bloating beverage takes unhealthy to the extreme.

It contains as much sugar as an entire 15-ounce box of Chewy Chips Ahoy! Cookies!

It's also the only drink in America to stretch across the 2,000-calorie mark.

The combination of peanut butter, good in small amounts- horrendous when liquefied in bathtub-size quantities -and chocolate ice cream, outpaces even the worst cookie-and-candy-strewn shakes that clutter Cold Stone's embarrassing shake menu.

Suck this thing down and you've just blasted away a day's worth of calories and more than 3 days' worth of saturated fat.

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