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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Things Thin Girls Know: Heather Guernsey

As a thin girl, what advice would you give to anyone losing weight?
I’d say to someone trying to lose weight, that before they begin, they have to believe they can do it. I think that it’s important to be able to visualize the way you want to look in order for you to become that way. Take a few minutes each day to close your eyes and see yourself the way you want to look, and then tell yourself that it’s possible, and that you’re going to achieve it! Positive energy is the only way to accomplish something like this.

How do you feel about your body?
Honestly, we all complain about our bodies. And despite the fact that I will point out my “lovehandles” to my boyfriend sometimes, or feel frustrated when dancing in front of “The Fat Mirror” in one of CCM’s dance studios; I’m very happy with the way I look.
Fortunately I come from a family of sticks, and I'm happy with this body type. However, they don’t get all the credit for my body. I’ve been dancing (ballet mostly) for almost fifteen years now. I molded myself into having long and lean muscles from the way I’ve utilized them after all these years. Dancers have a very different way of working the body than any regular sport. Of course I have the things about my body that I’m not totally happy with: that mole on my stomach, and how about the fact that I have ‘tits and ass’!? It may be great for a Friday night, ladies, but it’s not what ballerinas generally desire. Luckily I can see my dance and performing career go in a variety of directions, and don’t get too hung up on any of the above mentioned things.

What is the one habit you swear by?
Eat a sweet! I’m SUCH a choco-holic! I love Ben…and Jerry. But I’ve found ways to cut back. I don’t believe that a person needs to "diet." And I don’t believe in dieting pills, or machines, or any other ridiculous method you might see on a TV infomercial! I’m a firm believer that the only TRUE way to get and maintain a thin, healthy body, is to eat healthily and exercise daily. Have three meals a day, and a small snack in between each meal. Don’t eat after 10pm or so. And although as a newly-21-year-old it’s tough for me to say: cut back on the drinking. Especially BEER! Your body doesn’t know what to do with alcohol; it has no purpose in the human body. And the calorie numbers are disgusting. So have your fun on the weekends, but keep it to a minimum. As for the sweets, I had a dance teacher tell me once, when I asked about losing a pound or two, that obviously it’s painful to think about letting go of all sugar. So don’t; simply have that slice of chocolate cake for breakfast! You will work it all off during the day. The worst thing you can do is eat the sugary junk food at night, when you’re done being active for the day and it can just sit inside of you. But alas, I still get cravings after dinner sometimes. So I recommend either a really good-quality chocolate bar from the Health Food store (break off a small piece or two and make it last over a week or so) or the Weight Watchers chocolate ice cream bars. They’re delicious, and actually taste like chocolate ice cream. I dunk mine in CoolWhip. Also, Ben and Jerry’s sells their flavor “Half-Baked” as a frozen yogurt in stores now- it has SO many less calories.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by my friends. Especially my musical theatre friends. They make me see the joy in the performing arts when I get frustrated with myself sometimes. They’re so supportive, and they make me believe that I can do more than dance ballet. I can sing, for example, and love it. After the initial shock of two of my friends one night when I was screaming a song in our dorm (apparently I was “belting”) I decided that I missed singing and would pay for some voice lessons last summer. I love it. I think it’s important not to build walls regarding your career. I’ve always thought I wanted to be a ballerina bun-head, but I love modern dance, too. I’ve always been a huge musical theatre nerd. It would be fun to be in the Rockettes. Maybe dance overseas. It’s now that I’m beginning to see that my possibilities as a performer are not as limited as I thought, and I think my friends had a lot to do with making me realize that. I love you guys!

What else would you like to tell me?
Be active! It’s so important. I just don’t believe a person can lose any weight without moving! Get your groove on! Find a form of physical activity that is fun for you, and do it as much as you can. Make time for it in your busy schedule because the outcome will be so worth it. Take some dance classes, find a pilates or yoga studio, go for a jog, swim, play a sport at your local rec center- ANYTHING. But make sure you enjoy it.

Also, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who you love, make sure you take the time to enjoy them as much as you can. I’m lucky enough to have that, and whatever decision I make about wanting to eat healthier, etc, he’s always there to back me up. Having that kind of love and support from someone truly helps.

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