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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Friday Find: Sandwiches for All!

Hey everyone! Friday Finds take on a variety of characteristics, no? Yes. Yes, they do. And today's made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. It seems to sum up a secret desire and wanting of mine. And even though breads aren't on my diet right now--they will be, in moderation, soon. So, love this website as much as I did. Because....HERE......for your bemusement and pleasure......is a whole site filled with recipes for.....SANDWICHES.

No more pb&j for me everyday. No more meat and cheese and lettuce every day. Do I feel like making a Ratatouille Steak Sandwich? How about a Pork Poor Boy? A Philadephia Tea Sandwich? Oh the options are now virtually limitless! Please enjoy, my loves. Make strong choices that make you feel better.

Oh my god, I'm so happy.

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